Inspection Services

New Construction Inspection - Pre Final Walk Through

Congratulations, your new dream house is almost complete. After all the head aches of choosing floor plans, exterior cladding materials, interior finishes and flooring material options all you want to do now is move in and enjoy.



  • What did the builder over look or even cut corners on with your high price purchase?

  • What outlets are wired backwards?

  • Is the oven calibrated correctly?

  • Do the safety features work on the garage door opener?

  • Is there a plumbing or AC leak?

  • Is there a hole in the roof? Yes, a hole in the roof.


Prolook will inspect and test every item on, in and around your house. This will give you the added security of knowing that your structure, mechanical systems and installed components have been pre-tested for you so there are no surprises upon you taking possession.


We advise that this inspection be scheduled one or two days before your final walk through. That way all major components of the house will have been installed and be ready for testing by me (the guy who works for you).


We will compile a punch list for you to present to the builder so the items in question can be corrected. Prolook will also take the time to teach you how your new house works and where the various valves and breakers are located for emergency shut down situations.


Combine this pre walk through inspection with our 1 Year Warranty Inspection for additional savings.

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