Inspection Services

Residential Home Inspection

Prolook Home Inspections will provide you more than just a report with pictures. We will provide you the knowledge and understanding so you can make an informed decision and sleep well at nights.

We offer a comprehensive, non-invasive visual inspection of the structural and mechanical systems found in and around the home. My job is to find deficiencies or potential issues that you the  buyer need to know to make the right decision.

Modern Home Garage

As a Texas Real Estate Commission licensed inspector I must adhere to TREC’S Standards of Practice. Please allow 2-4 hours depending on the homes condition and size, for the onsite part of the inspection. When this is completed and deficiencies are documented, the information is loaded into my computer to produce the REI-7-5 report. Reports are sent out within 24 hours after I leave the site.

To learn about the full scope of the inspection and what is covered and what is not covered, please click here.

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